About High Hopes™

Our company values

High Hopes™ natural dog treats are made by The High Hopes for Pets Company, LLC, a new company located in Chicago, Illinois. We're a small company of pet lovers who care about doing the right thing and doing good for the community.

Not only do we want to market the best healthy dog treats on the planet, we also believe that business should do something good to help those who are less fortunate. That's why we donate 3.5% from every sale (up to 15% of the company's profits) of every product everyday to The High Hopes for Pets Foundation — a separate, not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to help local shelters and animal organizations care and find homes for pets everywhere. With your help, it can add up to millions of dollars each year.

We thank you and your dog for your support.

About our company founder 

Creating a brand that would help erase the issue of animal homelessness is an idea originated by Paula Etchison. A life-long animal lover, and parent to both dogs and cats, Paula’s passionate about pets and the idea of businesses giving back to the communities they serve. Paula believes businesses should be fun, learning-oriented places to work where people help one another to do well and do the right thing.

She carried around the idea of Birthday and Celebration cupcakes for dogs in her head for nearly 10 years, and after twenty years of working for other companies, she thought it was time to start her own. Friends, who know her well, will attest that she sets high standards for herself and the people around her, and it’s her hope that you can see the same caring and passion in High Hopes’ delicious real dog treats.

About our delicious natural dog treats

High Hopes is all about making dog food and treats fun.

Our range of 100% natural dog cupcakes that you simply bake and decorate, make it a breeze to whip up some delicious love for your dog. We’ve even got birthday cupcakes to put some sparkle in your dog’s special day.

If you are looking for healthy training rewards or ‘share the love’ treats we’ve got dog treats to make your pet wag with joy. Our tasty Mity Meaty Bites made with real and organic meat are snacks your dog will drool for! And our mouth watering peanut butter cookies for pets are packed with goodness, as tasty as they are nutritious.

We use the same high quality of ingredients in our dog food as used in human food, and every healthy ingredient has been researched by our pet nutritionist to ensure all our goodies deliver excellent nourishment as well as delight. 

High Hopes products are the perfect dog gifts for pet lovers, a tasty birthday gift for your dog, or simply a healthy snack for your pet. Every day is a nutritious treat with High Hopes.  So happy tails to you and the pets you serve…. we all know they are truly the one and only Pack Leaders of the house.

Would you like to sell the High Hopes dog treat products?

If you are interested in carrying High Hopes 100% natural dog cupcakes, our healthy dog treats made with real and organic meat, our peanut butter cookies for pets, or in joining our company as an associate please email us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone us on 847.983.0110. We’d love to hear from you.


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If you register your dog’s birthday or adoption day with us on Facebook you get a tasty $1.00 off coupon to be used on line to purchase any one of our High Hopes natural dog treats.  And if you don’t know the date, pick one and celebrate anyway, because every day is a treat with High Hopes!

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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” ~ Samuel Johnson

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