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Dog Party Tips

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Dog Party Tips

Dogs love attention, and a pet party is one big smorgasbord of dog treats!

clip-art-pink-cupcake1. Getting Ready for the Party

Being prepared is a great way to keep things running smoothly on party day. Here are some tips for getting started.

Who to invite?

Invite a small number of dogs that your dog knows and plays with on a regular basis. Don’t forget their human companions — with every dog comes two mouths to feed! Make sure to ask about any allergies or dietary restrictions for both dogs and their human counterparts, and while small children are a wonderful addition to the celebration, think about how many you can handle.

The doggie invite

A personal handwritten note is always nice, or for larger parties you can look on-line for inspiration. Have folks bring a donation — dog food, toys or money to give to a local shelter.

Making introductions

Greeting your 4-legged companions outside in neutral territory to give the dogs a quick greet and sniff is a great way to get the party started. Once they’ve gotten acquainted, you can walk them into a fenced yard or park and release. Of course they’ll spend the first few minutes marking (and re-marking) the territory, but this is only natural.

Have disposable cameras on-hand, or give gift bags with memorabilia
Creates great memories of the day

Expect accidents!

With all the excitement, it’s only natural to have an accident or two. Keep baggies, cleaning spray, paper towels and first aid handy.

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2. It’s All About the Food!

Just like us, dogs love food!

Green Dog BoneHigh Hopes® has a delicious range of doggy treats just perfect for dog parties. Our 100% all natural dog cupcake kit treats that you bake and decorate make it easy for you to whip up some fresh baked love for your dog and his friends. We even have special dog birthday cupcakes, complete with candles (please make sure to blow out the candles before eating – flames and fur don’t mix!).

Our tasty Mity Meaty Bites are healthy dog treats made with real meat. These nutritious morsels are perfect as prizes for fun games or as rewards for good behavior. And don’t forget our mouth watering peanut butter cookies (a doggie favorite!) as tasty as they are nourishing.

Our dog treats use nothing but the best ingredients like real whole egg, hormone-free milk, peanut butter & more – and every ingredient has been researched by our pet nutritionist to ensure all our goodies deliver excellent nourishment as well as drooling, tail wagging delight.

Have plenty of water on-hand

Make sure to keep plenty of water bowls filled. It’s a good idea to have as many bowls as there are dogs

For the main menu

Boiled or grilled chicken or steak are sure dog pleasers. It’s best to mix this with your dog’s regular dry food to avoid upset tummies. Make sure not to over feed, and keep the dog and human edibles separated for everyone’s sake!

Treat them with High Hopes® snacks!

Keep plenty of healthy dog treats on-hand to keep the hounds happy! High Hopes® Mity Meaty Bites are healthy dog treats made with real meat and our peanut butter cookies are every dog’s delight. Put some of the treats in toys for play. Do some hide and seek with treats (in somewhat obvious locations) for a challenge, and watch him search and sniff. Help him initially if he needs it, but as he gets better, you can begin to hide in less obvious places. Use treats to do doggie dance contests, or as a way to lead dogs to jump through hoops or an obstacle course.

Beware of chocolate, grapes, onions, apple or pear seeds and caffeine

And any other potential harmful ingredients.

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Orange Star3. Keeping Everyone Entertained

Bonding through play is a great way to keep both dog and human happy, and the sky’s the limit. Here are a few ideas:

Musical chairs for dogs

The traditional game has gone to the dogs! Set up chairs in a circle, and have owners and their pups walk around the circle. When the music stops, see which dog and owner are the last to sit. Keep eliminating pairs until the last two are standing!

Fastest dog contest

Use frisbees or tennis balls to time who the fastest dog is!

The best dressed dog!

Have a dog fashion show and give healthy High Hopes® dog treats as prizes for best costume, most original and funniest costume.

Dog and parent agility contest

Create a course for both pet and human. Set up hurdles and a zig-zag to watch humans and their pets race against the clock. Have a space where dog and human have to sit for 5 seconds. Set up a fabric tube for dogs to run through, and see which team clocks the best time!

Beat the heat with a doggie pool

Buy a kiddie pool and fill it with water. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat, and a sprinkler nearby adds to the fun for both dog and human alike!

Dog and pet parent caricature!

Have a caricaturist draw a picture of the dog and pet parent together… It’s a howl!

Best sit, stay, rollover, shake-a-paw contests

See who’s the best!

Bobbing for hot dogs!

Try a Halloween favorite the dog’s way. Cut hot dogs in half or quarters. Fill a bucket with water and let the dogs bob! Not too scary (unless the hounds overeat) and a lot of fun for all!

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Total Grants Given:
dogs & cats adopted in adopt-a-thons
lbs of food donated
Helping local shelters & rescues!